Dispatch Center
Mission Statement: To provide excellent customer service through 9-1-1 and emergency communications to the citizens and visitors of Barnes County and the cities therein for immediate and direct access to Fire, Police, and Medical Services


Why do I need a 911 Address?

A 911 address is the physical address of the property, building, or residence. It is used for: Emergencies such as Fire, Ambulance, or Police; any hookups for phone, electric, cable, internet, gas, etc. and to receive mail (you also need to have a 911 address to get a Post Office Box). Any structure that is occupied, even campers and weekend homes, need to have a 911 address posted. During an emergency, whether someone is there or not, responders use addresses to locate the emergencies and quicken their response time as every second counts!

Where should I display my 911 Address?

We suggest posting 3-inch letters on your home or residence if it can be seen clearly from the roadway, posting the residence/property number with 3-to-4-inch letters on a wooden post at your driveway entrance, or if your mailbox is right by your driveway entrance you can post your numbers on your mailbox *on both sides*. Even if you don't receive mail at the property, it is a great idea to still display your 911 address so responders can find the property in case of an emergency.

How do I get my address

If you need an address assigned for a new build or property, please contact Dispatch Director/911 Coordinator Sarah Miller at 701-845-8187. You will need to fill out the Address Request form available on the Barnes County Dispatch website here. A newly assigned address will take at least 14 business days to receive mail and can take up to 7 business days to be assigned a new address after the form is filled out and sent to the 911 Coordinator. If you have any questions about a current address or wish to verify your address is correct, please contact Dispatch Director/911 Coordinator Sarah Miller at 701-845-8187.

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